All types of valuations provided with particular emphasis on valuations for Leasehold Extensions purposes. The need for these have increased due to the fact that many leases of flats are now comparatively low for Building Societies and Banks to lend on, which then requires the owner of flats to think about extending their leases. Most lessees are able to do this, subject to residential qualifications, under the Leasehold Reform. Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 (as amended) but will require professional advice including usually a valuation of the appropriate premium payable. We are able to provide such advice and to advice you of the steps necessary to progress matters for you.

Similarly, we can also advise leaseholders of blocks of flats who wish to enfranchise the freehold, and provide valuations and general procedural advice.

We are also able to provide valuations for market value, bank and mortgage purposes (subject to lenders criteria), tax and probate.


Valuation carried out for market value, lending purposes, landlord and tenant matters, rent reviews and taxation purposes.

Please phone or email us for further information on any of these aspects.


We carry out Building Surveys on all types of property, both residential and commercial, for all types of purpose. The most common reason is house/flat purchase where the buyer requires some assurances as to the condition of the structure, as opposed to cosmetic problems, that may affect their purchase detrimentally.

The Survey covers all normal structural items and provides a concise report on problems found, with suggested solutions and general advice where specialist advice is required.

We also provide Homebuyer Survey & Valuation Reports which are formatted surveys and briefer than Building Surveys and more suitable for flat purchase or newer properties. This report also includes a Market Valuation and Valuation for Fire Insurance purposes.

The above two types of surveys are not to be confused with the mortgage valuation which will be carried out by your lender and is designed to ensure that the property you are buying is suitable security for that lender and does not go into any great detail where there are building defects.


We are able to offer management of commercial properties within Surrey and S.W. London areas, This will include inspections, rent collection and accounting to the client on a quarterly basis.

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